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Ses Coves Blanques ligthouse will host an exhibition by Elmyr de Hory (Budapest, 1906 – Eivissa, 1976) from 28th august, recognized for his ability to imitate different styles of the most important painters in the history of contemporary art, as a Picasso, Modigliani, Gauguin, Leger, Matisse, Dufy or Derain.

The exhibition organized by the Sant Antoni Town Hall, Space Beach Club, and with the collaboration of Elena Ruiz Sastre, is a collection of ‘Portmanyí’ businessman Pepe Roselló, one of the largest collector of Elmyr de Hory´s work, is composed of 30 works that are presented for the first time in Sant Antoni.

These canvas, are sometimes signed by himself, sometimes with a pseudonym and sometimes with a false signature attribute to their dealers, as Fernand Legros y Réal Lessard, completely disrupted the contemporary art market in the sixties and seventies of the last century. These were sold as authentic to contemporary art museums and private collectors around the world. The history of Elmyr was made into a movie by Orson Welles in ‘F for Fake’, which in turn was inspired by Clifford Irving’s book ‘Fraude!’ published in 1969. Both things take place largely in Ibiza.

Elmyr took refuge on the island in the early sixties and often frequented the bohemian circle of Sant Antoni, which used to meet in bars as El Quijote, that attracted very relevant personalities from the culture, the intellectuals, and the economic elite. This circle contributed significantly to spread that legendary and charming Sant Antoni, with low houses that they descended to that bay that the Romans baptized as Portus Magnus.

Elmyr always looked very elegant, with foulard, monocle, and ‘senalló’, he had a friendly, kind and close character. Pepe Roselló, the bussinessman, who at the time he managed the Playboy nightclub, he met him for the first time in Can Benet, the house in Sant Antoni where the couple formed by the actors Jean-Pierre Aumont and Marisa Pavan lived, and also attended one of the massive parties that Elmyr organized in his house in Puig des Molins ‘La Falaise’, built by Erwin Broner. Over the years, after the painter suicide in his last residence in Sant Agustí, when the French Justice was on the verge of making his extradition affective, Pepe Roselló became one of the greatest collectors of Elmyr’s work.

The first painting, however, he bought directly from the author. Using his friendship, he asked to give him a drawing for a charity auction of the Portmany Sports Society, where Pepe served as Culture delegate at the same time Francisco Linares was the chaired club. That act took place in the Sa Tanca party room and was attended by Elmyr himself, who requested that the painting had a starting price of 50,000 pesetas.

Since no one bids for it, Pepe did and Elmyr dedicated it to him right there: ‘ A Pepe très amicalment’ (To Pepe very friendly). Some time later, when Pepe already owned the Space nightclub, on a visit to the Pike’s hotel he discovered four paintings on display of the author in the style of Modigliani, Renoir, Monet and Leger and acquired them all, starting a collection that adds more than 30 works. Many of them make up this sample that is now being presented for the first time in Sant Antoni. Underlines the importance of unrepeatable author and the close bond that the maintained with this town and the people.

The town councillor fot culture, María Ramón, has assured that de Town Hall “ is delighted to host for the first time in Sant Antoni this unique collection by the painter Elmyr de Hory, a benchmark in the art world as one of the greatest forgers of work wich also maintained a close relationship with our municipality”. “ Pepe Roselló has given us the opportunity to bring this magnificent collection closer to the population of Sant Antoni, as well as to the entire island, who will be able to visit and learn about the quality of Elmyr de Hory’s works for a month”

The exhibition can be visited from August 28th to September 25th, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 5.30 p.m to 8.30 p.m, and from Tuesday to Thursday, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

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